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Baked Salmon Topped with Veggies (GF)

Delectable omega-3s baked in spices and veggies to satisfy your fish cravings!   I absolutely love seafood. I love all kinds of seafood. So, after I got married, I was surprised to find out my husband doesn’t like seafood at all. He refused to eat it… Until I starting experimenting with different recipes of vegetables and spices to add flavor…

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The Seven Spices

  The Seven Spices are the essential spices used in every Middle Eastern meal.    Check out my video on my YouTube Channel, Stitching Cuisines, to see me explain each spice and how they should be prepared.   Cardamom   Cinnamon    Dried Cloves   Black Pepper   Cumin   Nutmeg   Safflower   Notes: The amount of spices used…

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