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Bamiya bi AlForon (Baked Okra) [GF; VO]

An okra stew, with a spicy kick. Okra stew is a very popular dish in the Middle East that is often cooked over the stove with tender pieces of meat, either boneless lamb or beef. It was one of my favorite dishes growing up. I loved the mix of fresh tomatoes and spices that blended together to enhance the taste…

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Baked Salmon Topped with Veggies (GF)

Delectable omega-3s baked in spices and veggies to satisfy your fish cravings!   I absolutely love seafood. I love all kinds of seafood. So, after I got married, I was surprised to find out my husband doesn’t like seafood at all. He refused to eat it… Until I starting experimenting with different recipes of vegetables and spices to add flavor…

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