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Basbousa (Coconut Sweet Cake)

This traditional Middle Eastern sweet cake infused with coconut is an easy and delectable dessert to make for any gathering!    My husband doesn’t like desserts because Middle Eastern sweets are traditionally very sweet and usually drenched in sweet syrup called “aatar”. However, he loves Basbousa because I make it deliciously light.   Learn how to make my Basbousa by watching…

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Mamoul [Eid Cookies] (VO)

That sweet smells of cinnamon, dates, and walnuts dance through the house filling my heart with joy. It means Eid is around the corner! Mamoul, or Ka’ack il Eid, are specially made during the holiday season. While I bake all kinds of desserts on my own, this is the only dessert that I stick to the tradition of asking my…

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