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Palestinian Potato Salad (GF; VO)

A hearty dish for any potato lover! At first glance, this may look like a version of American mashed potatoes. However, unlike mashed potatoes, Palestinian potato salad is a very hearty and healthy side dish. With its zesty kick and herb filled flavor, this side dish is a great addition to any seafood and BBQ meals.   Watch me make…

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Baked Salmon Topped with Veggies (GF)

Delectable omega-3s baked in spices and veggies to satisfy your fish cravings!   I absolutely love seafood. I love all kinds of seafood. So, after I got married, I was surprised to find out my husband doesn’t like seafood at all. He refused to eat it… Until I starting experimenting with different recipes of vegetables and spices to add flavor…

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