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Quinoa Salad [GF; V]

A flavorful family side dish favorite!   One of my daughters introduced me to quinoa. I started creating different dishes with quinoa because my daughter is gluten intolerant and vegetarian. One of these dishes is Quinoa Salad. The texture, the multi-colors, and the dressing all create an extraordinary meal. Perfect for family gatherings. Sahtein! Enjoy!      

Simple Mediterranean Salad [GF; VO]

A simple salad to brighten any meal! My father-in-law never asked my mother-in-law or his daughters to make him dinner. Even when I visited them in Palestine and always offered to make dinner for him, he refused. He was a wonderfully simple man who always told me that he preferred to make simple meals that he found delicious and filling.…

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Persian Cucumber & Yogurt Salad [GF; VO]

Cooling and savory dip or side for any meal! Quick and easy, 6-ingredient recipe. Whenever I buy fresh Persian cucumber I love to make the Persian cucumber with yogurt and dry mint salad. Drizzle with olive oil and eat it with pita bread. My daughter likes to have it with tortilla chips. My other daughter likes to add it to…

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